Managed Security Services

In this digital world, this very much challenging task for the enterprises to protect their assets against intrusions and breaches. To manage it by their own, they need time, the right strategy, group of software, firewalls, advanced techniques to manage them, SIEM systems, endpoint security, team or resources to..

Professional Services

Advise Cyber Solutions LLC aims to keep our client’s infrastructure secure from coming threats and enable them to manage risk effectively and smartly. We provide solutions and services, by design, develop and implement the security system and rules of your business. Our team work for identifying hidden technical weakness in the..

Application Security

Application security is on top priority for every organization because web applications are continuously on the primary target for attackers. Application security is not optional it’s absolutely a necessary part for the safe business. This day’s application security is getting a lot of attention. National Institute of..

Risk & Compliance

There is no end to this search. When you brought your organization’s cybersecurity into compliance with the latest mandates, new rules and problems arise. The challenge is even greater, for multi-national companies because they have not only internal law to follow, but they also have an array of foreign rules and regulations. Disobedience and ignoring even small things is not an option..

Security Health Check

Cyber attackers are always prepared to attack the organizations. On the other hand, a cyber expert exposes weaknesses and probes your defence and also provides the solution to protect IT information of organization from attackers. For the long-term success in the IT sector, only the establishment of the organization is not enough. Its admin responsibility is..

Cloud Security

Cloud Security protects the online stored data, virtualized IP, applications, services and infrastructure from theft, manipulation, leakage. It is one of the main parts of computer system security, network security and information security. Cloud Computing enables the user to store their data in third-party data centres. Service models such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and various public, ..

Why should you outsource your IT security ?

Focus On Your Business

Outsource IT Security Tasks so You will have more time and focus on your own business, which is More important.

Leverage our partner relationships

We have some world class top security manufactures and their programs in our Partner list so we get great deal in registration, priority, and access to support.

Trained and certified IT Consultants

IT departments is facing shortage of trained and competent staff member, So Outsourcing your IT Security to a Well Experienced professional team makes a lot of sense.

Access Our security tools

By choosing us, you’ll gain access to all the ammunition under a single roof. The Same ammunition of security tools that help us to protect all our clients and their business.

Flexible Plans

We understand the need and that’s why we have plans, suitable for any type and Size of Business. We can guarantee you that we have a plan for yours.

Resource Allocation

Because IT outsourcing costs less than investing in personnel Security system, team and all other required resources.