Financial Institution, Industries and Organizations are the prominent targets for Cyber Attacks. It direfully affects the economic figures of a country. Banks means money and also the personal data and information of millions of users. So, for cybercriminals, attacking banks is most preferable as it offers them multiple avenues for profit through extortion, theft, and fraud.

With the increase of use of technology and Internet of Things (IoT) in everyday life, it also enhances the risks of cyber-attacks. The attacks can be of various types such as Malware Attacks, ATM Jackpotting and Accounts Hacking etc.

Some of the best practices to face these attacks are:

  • Establishing coordination between financial organizations and those supervise the cyber threats.
  • Structure Exercises and Scenario-Based Testing.
  • Intelligent Communication.
  • Security practices for internet banking such as UPI, Password protection etc.
  • Implementing Blockchain Technology.
  • Network Segmentation etc.

These attacks on financial and banking institutions result in a big amount of money for cybercriminals. We provide these very security services to face the cyber-attacks for our clients.