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Core Risk Profile results are powered by Arx Nimbus’ patented Thrivaca multi-data-source platform technology, utilizing a diverse set of data sources, the following are to be addressed and included in the 15-day trial sign up:

  1. Historical frequency and loss data derived from published reports and analysts
  2. Detailed, machine-learning driven network scans
  3. Industry-specific probability patterns
  4. NIST 800-53 standard controls
  5. Attack pattern analysis and trend-line within industry segment
  6. Customer-specific company financial metrics
  7. Impact and Probability determination derived through Thrivaca’s proprietary actuarial science algorithm.
  8. Results include:
    • Mapping of relationships between Threats, Risks, Vulnerabilities and Capabilities, allowing detailed optimization of Risk Management decisions.
    • T-Score and Cyber Efficiency Indexing
    • Total Digital Risk by source and Non-Remediation
    • Solution Navigator with a Digital Risk Journey

Advise Cyber embraces the Gartner declaration that by 2025, 60% of organizations will use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements.   Investors, especially venture capitalists, are using cybersecurity risk as a key factor in assessing opportunities. Increasingly, organizations look to cybersecurity risk during business deals, including mergers and acquisitions and vendor contracts. The result is more requests for data about a partner’s cybersecurity program via questionnaires or security ratings.

Advise Cyber and Arx Nimbus are your team, providing your custom Risk Profile with key insights as a basis for action, derived from data-driven risk analysis. Risk Profile results stated in terms of annualized expected loss values, also known as the annual carrying cost of specific risk conditions.