Threat Intelligence or Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is a type of knowledge, tells about the current thread’s capabilities, motives, goals and resources that any organization must know about it, the threats that will target the organization. It helps mitigate risk, bolster incident response, and enhance your overall security ecosystem.

Threat intelligence enables you to identify and contextualize your adversaries. Once you understand your adversary, you can take decisive action to better protect your organization. Here, are some questions or problems faced by many of the organizations, some of the questions they struck at:

  • Do I keep up to date on the overwhelming amount of information on security threats, when any bad targets attack it?
  • Do I get more proactive about future security threats?
  • Do I inform my leaders about the dangers and repercussions of specific security threats?

Threats come either from internal as well as external sources. To, protect your data, his intelligence can provide a great deal of context to the indicators you’re seeing from internal sources, which in turn can bring significant advantages, including:

  • Much Faster Identification of which alerts really matters.
  • Rapidly enriched intelligence on uncovered indicators.
  • Context from sources other than threat feeds of technical indicators.