Combining advanced security technology with extensive hands-on experience, Advise Cyber Solutions LLC brings your software at a safe stage.

Application security is on top priority for every organization because web applications are continuously on the primary target for attackers. Application security is not optional it’s absolutely a necessary part for the safe business. This day’s application security is getting a lot of attention. National Institute of standard and technology report says that around 92% of the security issues start from the application level and later on targeted on various other aspects.

While using cloud-based application protecting your data and infrastructure is not sufficient, you also need to protect the apps and digital properties that you own and manage that your website Application security is a process, by using this, software is made more secure by finding, fixing and enhancing the security of software. Due to the cyber-crime, your business can go with the loss in term of financial and reputational.  At this stage, the client can strengthen their application or business with effective cybersecurity protection.

Application security is one among several levels of security that our companies use to protect client system. In application security, we add features or functions for software to protect a range of different threats. These features save your system from cyber-attacks and information theft situation.  Through the various type of application security such as firewalls, antivirus programs, and encryption programs client ensures that their system is prevented from unauthorized access. Clients can identify their sensitive assets and protect them through the specific application security process.

Our expert team Identifies, remediate and monitor potential vulnerabilities throughout your organization.

Our team is well aware of the threats outside applications which can affect your internal network. We provide you with frequent security screening of all your web and mobile applications.

Advise Cyber Solutions LLC application security services –

  • White box security review
  • Black box security audit
  • Before coding starts a review of design and threat model

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