Data Security is the process of protecting digital or electronic data from unwanted interference from unauthorized users, hacking, data corruption and any kind of data breach. Data Protection involves Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Encryption and Stoppage of Leakage & Exploitation of Data.

It is essential to take security measures in order to protect your data in database else it can lead to disclosing your very subtle information. Various techniques are used to safeguard your data from external accessing such as:

  • Disk Encryption
  • Backup
  • Data Masking
  • Data Erasure etc.

McAfee Complete Data Protection is used to encrypt your files and media and manages your system to keep your sensitive business data private. It works remotely even when devices are powered off, and generates reports to demonstrate your compliance with privacy mandates.

  • Safeguards sensitive data and ensures compliance.
  • Strictly look into web security, email security and encryption protecting data at rest, in use and in motion.
  • Provides visibility on how your data is being used to help fine-tune rules and policies.
  • Aid with forensic analysis of data loss events.