Public sector

At the present stage, everything is being managed and controlled through internet and online services. Public Sectors are also not far behind from this digitalization process, Cloud computing, AI and Bots are being used in these sectors and services to provide better and service. According to the report of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Public sector agencies and organizations are also aware that their essential information and reputation is on risk due to the cyber-crimes.
Public sector departments are moving forward and trying advanced technology to provide better and fast service , but for the safety purpose public sector organizations also need to focus on increasing security using following cyber security services.

  • Encryption
  • Identify Access
  • Authentication

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In Present time online retail is increasing rapidly. At this moment, hardly anybody will be untouched with online shopping and other retail services. The future of online retail is really bright and full of scope. Cybercriminals are targeting the retail industry and they want your customer’s identities and financial data. Their aim is to ruin retail industry owner reputation and ability to compete.
Advise I.T. Solutions provide a combine proprietary technology with threat intelligence and having good experience to prevent, detect, and respond to advanced cyber-attacks. We have a deep knowledge of threat and have good experience of working with enterprises in the retail industry.
Our advance defense techniques work not only for PIS system and workstations but also protect IT infrastructure. According to the statistics, cyber security should be at the priority in retail Industry.  Statistics say that one from three retails has lost their reputation due to the cybercrimes. Retailers feel that they are frequently on the target of cyber attackers. And it’s absolutely true. 16 % of companies are in loses more than $1 million. There are only 52% retailors feel that their security system is up-to-date and they are safe from the latest threats. Advise I.T. Solutions provide security from all threats with its advanced and highly updated technologies.
Advise I.T. Solutions cyber security system for the retail sector delivers the protection on the retail organization demands. Contact with us today, so that we help you.

Healthcare Industry

At the present time, security from cyber-crime has become an importank factor in the Health care industry. In this modern tech savvy world, the health care sector needs to take lessons from other industries such as financial services, these industries are much more advanced in their security ability. Now health care organization also need to give some attention to cyber security.
It is a great achievement of the digital era that patient’s medical data is becoming increasingly portable. At this movement, it’s very easy to collect and share patient’s data. But on the other hand, it also has risks from cyber-criminal. Security from hackers in the Healthcare industry is a big issue. From the last few years, hacking and security incidents are increasing rapidly. 2015 was a year with an unwanted record in healthcare industry, because patient’s and health plan member’s records were stolen. In this case more than 113 million records were compromised. In 2016 the range of cyber-attacks in the healthcare industry is increased as compared to 2015 and 2017 was seen as the record breaker.
Advise I.T. Solutions stops cyber-attacks before they reach your healthcare essential pieces of information. Our advanced threat defense service is a great way to protect your patient/users data and bima policies. So that clinical team can focus on patients care
Advise I.T. Solutions Strategies for Better Cyber-security
Protect Patient Private Data
End to End Protection/ Security
Protect Doctors from Email Attack
Take Control of Doctors Remote Location

To protect healthcare organizations, it is the responsibility of the healthcare authority team to follow the following points.
Educate and give training to healthcare organization staff
Access controls of data and applications
Monitoring mobile device security
Always back up data to a secure, offsite location
Observe regular risk assessments
Markdown connected devices risks
Log and monitor uses
Implement data usage controls
Secure mobile devices
Carefully evaluation of security

In this digital era any business, organization, industry is not safe without advanced cyber security services So Contact us today to find out how we can help and protect you.


The fact is that, the education sector accounted for 13% of data breaches in 2017, resulting in the compromise of around 32 million records. The main reason behind is that schools and colleges are not giving attention on the security of diverse data they are storing about students and staff, including personally identifiable information (PII), healthcare information, and financial information. These records can be sold on the dark web to be used for theft and fraud purposes.
At the present stage, all the industries are affected by the cyber-attacks, but educational industries are at the fourth number after the Technology, healthcare and retail industries. In the educational sector, cyber security has become a most important aspect.
Advise I.T. Solutions aim is to protect students and staff records from threat and allow access to the authorized persons only. Our advanced technology stores your essential information on cloud and provides you access to records remotely with the safety of data privacy. By the way, Using cloud computing and latest technology in the educational field has huge benefits.
Get simple and affordable protection for your education business. Advise I.T. Solutions provide collaboration of protection in term of data, network and apps security from threats.In the education sector for storage of data.
Advise I.T. Solutions firewall provides a safe and reliable wireless network to students and staff. The firewall protects your network from threats. Students, staff can connect with a wireless network with their mobile, laptop, tablets etc. in a safe mode. Contact with us so we can provide you a better, safe and secure educational environment.


In all over the world banks and financial institutions continuously face the growing risk of cyber threats. Hackers are continually attacking the financial institutions for transferring funds from the customer accounts. It’s a challenge for the banks or financial institution to protect their customer’s information, funds and privacy safe from cyber attackers.
Advise I.T. Solutions understand the problem and situation of the finical institution and offer a managed network security solution for banks and financial institutions. We provide advanced network traffic reporting, intrusion detection, Data Retention. Our highly trained team members work to help you fight fraud and cyber-attacks with the high quality of tools and services.
We provide our customer with advanced multi-layered protection for their financial institution. If our customer faces any problem or they have any complaints, then our team provides an appropriate solution for their problem.
Advise I.T. Solutions has talented and experienced team for work on Cyber security. Our expert team works for our clients with their full dedication and provide safety from cyber threats.
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This would not be exaggerated if we say that the technology industry is more targeted by cyber criminals. Criminals always try to collect customer’s data and financial data for the misuse purpose. Hackers and attackers for their profit disarrange internet service or shut down servers with DDoS attacks.
Many times hackers harm to internet services to just draw the attention of others on themselves.
It is a responsibility of technical and cyber enterprises to protect proprietary information from threats and cyber criminals.
Advise I.T. Solutions provide safety from criminals concerns for every sector. Our team work according to custom fit business or organization needs.
Contact with us to learn about our professional and well-managed security services, so that we can help you.